PhysioNatal Thrive

pregnancy Pilates class sitting on gym balls

Antenatal exercise programme

Keep moving, pain free, through pregnancy; prepare physically for birth; aid your recovery after birth.

PhysioNatal Thrive is a structured 6-week course designed and led by a pregnancy Pilates trained Chartered Physiotherapist. It is suitable for all stages of pregnancy from 12 weeks onwards.

Each session involves 15 mins of discussion before 45 mins of Pilates and other exercises. The topics covered are:

  • Changes in the body and exercising during pregnancy

    Learn what changes you can expect in your body and how it will affect you. How you can keep fit and active through pregnancy and be confident you are doing the right things. Find out the benefits of keeping active through pregnancy and what to do if you don’t usually exercise.

  • The pelvic floor.

    Discover the functions of the pelvic floor and how is it affected by pregnancy and birth. How to exercise it to strengthen it and how to release it for birthing.

  • Pelvic girdle and back pain.

    Find out why it happens in pregnancy. (No your pelvis isn’t ‘out’ and doesn’t need to be ‘put back in!’) Learn what you can do about it.

  • Perineal massage.

Discover what and where is the perineum and how you can prepare it for birth using self massage

  • Birth preparation and optimal foetal positioning.

Find out about the movements of the pelvis, how it helps the birth process and positions you can use during birthing. Discover how you can help the baby get in a good position for birth.

  • Postnatal Recovery.

Advice on how to look after yourself during those early days and what to avoid. Find out what is normal after birth, what isn’t and when should you seek help.

  • Pregnancy Exercise.

Learn exercises, stretches and movements to increase body awareness, improve pelvic mobility, improve efficiency of movement and maintain strength. The exercises are a mix of Pilates, gym ball and other movement concepts.

Class participants will need to bring their own exercise ball and mat to each class; all other equipment is provided (See FAQs for sizing).

After each class you will be emailed handouts describing that week’s exercises and containing all the information from the discussion topic.

*Next Course Starts 9th Sept 2021*

Course dates: 9/16/23/30 Sept and 7/14 Oct.

Thursday mornings 11-12 pm Copford Village Hall

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PhysioNatal Thrive

Course of 6 classes including information and exercise handouts

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“Tanya’s class is excellent! I started the class because of pelvic girdle pain during my second pregnancy. I have found that the exercises really help with the pain but also the classes are so informative that I wish I had known about them during my first pregnancy. I have learnt so much and I would highly recommend!”


“I can’t recommend this class highly enough. I have always had a dodgy back and had tried Pilates years ago but it didn’t really work for me. I decided to try it during pregnancy and it has been amazing. Tanya is a fantastic tutor who not only teaches you exercise moves, but also provides handouts as reminders and really useful information at the start of each class about all different aspects of pregnancy and birth. If you’re considering taking a pregnancy class, this is a great one.”