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When can I start?

The ideal time to commence the programme is after your 12 week scan. This will allow you to gain the most benefits. It is possible however to start the programme into your third trimester.

Do I have to come to all the classes?

It designed as a 6-week course with each week leading on to the next. If you have to miss a class you will still get the handouts so you will know what was covered

Is it Pilates?

I have trained in Pilates and other movement courses. The exercises draw from everything I have learnt over my 17 years in rehabilitation, so if you have done Pilates before you may recognise some exercises and others will be new.

I’m not that fit and didn’t exercise regularly before becoming pregnant – is it for me?

It doesn’t matter as the classes are set at your level. Even if you haven’t exercised regularly before, it is not too late to start introducing more movement into your day.

I’m really fit and want to sweat!

The classes are not about getting sweaty and tired. Come along to the class to learn about improving and maintaining movement through pregnancy, safely working your core and postural muscles so you can continue your regular exercise for longer.

What should I bring?

Dress in loose clothing. You will need an exercise ball and a mat. You may also like to bring a cushion and/or towel for extra padding when we do mat work. Also bring a drink .

What size exercise ball do I need and where can I get one from?

As a guide a 65cm ball is the right size for most people. When sitting on your ball it is the right height if, when fully inflated, your hips are slightly higher than your knees. Exercise balls can be bought easily online or from retailers such as Argos and Sports Direct. Don’t go for the cheapest as they are often too soft, I suggest you look at balls around the £15-£20 mark.

Can I bring my baby?

This is a class for mothers only. It is better for you if you can leave you baby with another carer so you are able to get the most out of the class. The classes are scheduled on a Saturday morning to help most mothers with childcare.

Do you do pay as you go?

Classes are purchased in packages of 6 as any fewer and you won’t have had enough input to see any difference. The class sizes are purposely small to allow for individual attention, the PAYG model only works for large impersonal classes. Everyone is sent the exercises from each class so you can work at home if you can’t make a class.

Can I go straight into the class?

All women must have an individual assessment before joining the class. This is because most women don’t get a thorough examination after giving birth and things might be missed. Every woman’s needs and goals are different and an individual session will help me to address them. It is also difficult to give the amount of time needed to learn the foundation exercises in a class setting so the individual attention will mean that we can be confident that you are performing them correctly.

“Tanya’s class is excellent! I started the class because of pelvic girdle pain during my second pregnancy. I have found that the exercises really help with the pain but also the classes are so informative that I wish I had known about them during my first pregnancy. I have learnt so much and I would highly recommend!”