Keep active and comfortable through pregnancy; prepare for birth; and aid recovery after birth.
  • Do you want to keep active through pregnancy but don’t know what is safe?
  • Are you confused by differing advice?
  • Are you starting to get some aches and pains and worried about them getting worse?
  • Are you looking for an antenatal class which combines, exercises and movement with education and information about to help you prepare for birth and recover well afterwards?

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Given birth?

Mummy MOT for a comprehensive post-birth check, rehabilitate and strengthen the pelvic floor and core; return to exercise safely.
  • Are you suffering with pain or incontinence?
  • Did you have a birth requiring an intervention such as forceps and feel that you haven’t properly recovered?
  • Did you have a C Section and want to know how to support your healing?
  • Are you unhappy about your body after having a baby, and exercise and diet aren’t helping?
  • Do you need advice about the best way to strengthen your core and return to fitness?

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Tanya Croall

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2001 and became a mum for the first time in 2008.

I started running antenatal and postnatal classes in 2013, formerly under the banner of FitBack&Bumps.  SInce then, continuing study, deeper professional training and hands-on experience have enabled me to develop the services I offer to women.  I now offer my own programme of classes and clinic services under the name PhysioNatal.

When I had my 3 children, I was surprised by how little information I was given about what I should do to recover from birth.  I expected therefore that I would bounce back and be able to carry on as before.  In 3 pregnancies no one checked my tummy, no one told me about my pelvic floor and no one told me what was normal after having a baby.  Even as a Physiotherapist I didn’t appreciate how much pregnancy and birth would change me, not just physically, but emotionally too.

Needing to find answers to my own health issues arising from the cumulative toll of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother, I wanted to help other women through their childbearing years and beyond, to let them know what is normal, what isn’t and support them through the transition to motherhood.

To help women recover from pregnancy and birth, to support them to get back to the activities and exercise they love or give them the confidence to continue.

To help women feel better and more comfortable in their pregnant and postnatal body.

Please continue to explore my website and see how PhysioNatal can help you.

“Tanya’s class is excellent! I started the class because of pelvic girdle pain during my second pregnancy. I have found that the exercises really help with the pain but also the classes are so informative that I wish I had known about them during my first pregnancy. I have learnt so much and I would highly recommend!”


“I can’t recommend this class highly enough. I have always had a dodgy back and had tried Pilates years ago but it didn’t really work for me. I decided to try it during pregnancy and it has been amazing. Tanya is a fantastic tutor who not only teaches you exercise moves, but also provides handouts as reminders and really useful information at the start of each class about all different aspects of pregnancy and birth. If you’re considering taking a pregnancy class, this is a great one.”