Pessary advice and fitting

I have been trained in the fitting of a ring and cube pessary, two of the most commonly used devices to support pelvic organ prolapse

A pessary is a device designed to be worn in the vagina to provide support to the pelvic organs. A pessary can be used to to relieve the symptoms of prolapse and / or stress incontinence. Pessaries have previously been thought of as a last resort or instead of surgery but many women find huge benefit from wearing a pessary who haven’t considered surgery. Depending on the type of pessary and your individual circumstance they can remain in situ or can be worn only when a bit of extra support is needed during certain activities such as exercise.

Pessary fitting can be difficult to access or involve a lengthy wait through the NHS which has led some women to buy their own devices directly from the internet. If this is your situation then I can help advise on a suitable device and check it is fitting properly. Before making any recommendations then a full history and physical examination is performed and recommendations are based on the findings. If a pessary is recommended then it will be part of a whole treatment plan and follow ups must be attended to check the fit and make sure there are no complications.

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“I am so glad I have found Tanya, just a shame I didn’t find her when I was pregnant because she would have definitely been able to ease my pain in the later stages of pregnancy.

The course of classes have been really helpful in easing my back pain and getting back to the stage of exercising and stretching correctly. Thank you so much Tanya, I am definitely beginning to feel back to my old self prior to pregnancy.”


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